Mobile keys/Online check in

How to check-in and access your room key

Skip the front desk entirely and head straight to their rooms.You simply download the Digital Hotel app, check-in and then use your mobile phone as your room key, making the process incredibly easy and hassle-free.

We ask all guests to complete online check-in prior to arrival.

Pre-Arrival Check-In:

3 days prior to arrival look out for an email and SMS with the online check-in details. If you booked through a third-party agent or an online travel agent like you should receive a message. We recommend booking direct with the hotel to ensure we can contact you with all of the information.

To pre check-in please download the Digital Hotel mobile app below:

Allow Bluetooth and notifications access when prompted or enable it manually in your settings.

Complete the required steps within the app to Check-in.

Use the same email /mobile number in the app as provided when making your reservation.

Room Access and Check-In Time:

Check-in time starts from 2 pm and your mobile key will be available in the app once youre room is ready. If your room is ready earlier, it will show in the app. Once ready, simply open the app to find your room number and enjoy the convenience of accessing your accommodation.


Check-In Information:

  • Look for an email with your online check-in details. If you haven’t received it, you can access simply download the app and complete.
  • Once completed, your accommodation charges ( if due) will be billed, and a tax invoice will be sent via email at departure.
  • All guests must complete the pre-arrival check-in process.

App Information:

  • Download the Digital Hotel mobile app via the app store or android
  • Setup an account – ensure the mobile and email used in the app matches the mobile & email used on your reservation. ( if an agent made your booking, ask that they provide the hotel)
  • Accept notifications to receive updates.

Day of arrival information

  • At 2 pm or before, your room number will be sent to the mobile app or you can simply open the app to display your room number – you can now enter your room.
  • Press the ROOM KEY button, wait until it registers your phone, and then it will display “Tap to Door.
  • You will also receive a text message with a code that allows access to the main entrance doors after hours.

Note: You will also need to use the mobile key within the lift, following the same process – the lift reader can take a few seconds to register.

Need help or have a question?

If you are having an issue, we suggest trying the following:

  • Ensure you are logging into the app with the mobile and email that was used when making a booking.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on and allowed for the app
  • You can always try setting up the Digital Hotel account again if you think you incorrectly set up the email address.
  • Close the app by swiping up and reopening it.
  • Ensure your phone software is up to date.
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If you can’t use the app, we have a self serve kiosk located at the hotel entrance or see our staff at the front desk to arrange a physical key during staffed hours.